Another Lost Year – Better Days

Another Lost Year - Better DaysThis is the first time that I have heard Charlotte NC.’s Another Lost Year, and that’s maybe a good thing when it comes to reviewing an album. Is it strange that as I press play I am hearing overtones of Slipknot, Motley Crue & 3 Doors Down ?!

Right away the production kicks you in the ass, top notch all the way. I was hoping the album would open with more of a kicker, but “Better Days” is a solid mid tempo way to start the proceedings.

Following the title track we move into the first “single” from the album titled “War On The Inside”. This song has a really chunky tasty bridge riff, a solid chorus, and simple but kicking drums. It’s starting to get my fears up that this album will be all in the mid tempo range however.

Next track, “All That We Are”. Hmm, this is hammering home for me that we are heading in that same territory all the way through. The same heavy riff, clean verse, heavy chorus formula applies here, and that same delay/distortion vocal effect for 3 songs in a row ?!

“Broken” is next up and is another mid tempo song, but with more chunk than the previous three. Probably my favourite so far. Another Lost Year have those lyrics and tempos that would probably feel pretty good when you are in that “broken” state of mind.   “What You Deserve” is really just more of the same.

The first ballad up is “Angels”. While the rock ballad formula is in place here, this is a very good song, with orchestral enhancement and the awesome voice of Lish Rimer really taking it up a notch. “Angels” could be all over rock radio.

“Run Away” is a funky/acoustic tune that is a bit refreshing to hear, but at this point in the album, it’s kind of dragging. Just when I thought the pace was going to pick up, we fall right back into the mid tempo, heavy then clean then heavy guitars again.  “Your Lost Goodbye” and “Writing On The Wall” are more of the same.

Another Lost Year could really use more variety in their songwriting to keep the listener engaged. The same formula and vocal harmonies make the album drag a little, and these guys can play!! Let it rip boys!! That’s not to say this album is bad at all. Strong melodies and riffs are everywhere, but it’s just too much of the same.

The album ends with ballad number two “Come And Gone” and the mid tempo “Forgot About Us” which brings back those Slipknot/Modern Motley Crue/3 Doors Down feelings. Ultimately with the 3 Doors Down sound winning out.

Hey listen. If this is the kind of rock you like, this is a well played album with lots of strong songs. For me personally, Another Lost Year need more variety in their sound, especially in the faster tempo department.

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