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Breaching Vista - Vera CityWell, Breaching Vista, what can I say? They happen to be four blokes from Ontario who can write a seamless song, to be certain.  The entire 13 track album, Vera City is a quick and dirty lesson on how to start and finish something without really losing your way. Interesting changes and a seriously boss rhythm section added some zap for me. It is a decidedly emo pop aesthetic but tight, dulcet guitars, double-kick and occasional African-folk inspired back-up seem to make good neighbours. Who knew?

That being said, certain sections brought me back to fellow Ontario natives, Moneen, and it might do the same for you, if you’re into that sort of thing. Breaching Vista leaks, nay, oozes the stuff that horn-rimmed glasses are made of as they work raspy, radio-hip vocals into the forefront of some occasionally impressive and curious guitaring. Yep. It’s a verb, stay with me. Though they bust out the serious guitar sparingly ….once it arrives, I think you’ll be pleased. The songs supply some genuinely creative and unique lines and I most definitely wanted to hear them expanded upon with lengthier solos and just flat-out showboating.

So far as individual song content is concerned, I have to say that “Run With The Punches” is a rockin’ little number that’s easily my favourite because it makes me want to run out and play Street Fighter at a stand-up arcade machine.  No joke. I felt a little metal peeking out of a few of the guitar lines, and due to obvious rock out related reasons, I liked it. On the flip side (flip side?) “Nervous” fills the quirky, romantic quota nicely. The ridiculously catchy chorus makes it a stand out as one of the most memorable; this was playing my car when we kissed for the first time, kind of tracks.  Again, if you’re into that whole kissing in cars thing.

Solid arrangements and smooth progressions were definitely the highlight of the catalogue for me. I am going to take a stand here, however, and just demand more vocal harmonies and general, experimental tomfoolery. All four of the lads sing and I really enjoyed the back-up where it showed up most (Give me a reason, off the top of my head).  I’d say that Breaching Vista certainly attempts to jump as many fences as they can while still staying tucked nicely within the pocket of some hipster’s vest. I have been known to admire a willingness to mix it up, and these fellas give it their best shot.

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