CKY – The Phoenix

Pennsylvania-based band CKY’s new album is a rocker! It is a record that should be used to wake up the college dorm to get everybody ready for that history exam you studied for all night. Plenty of energy with this release.

CKYInterestingly, the band has an unusual recording regarding the instrumentation and the way the album was recorded and produced. The rhythm guitars sound like they came straight off a turntable from a 1968-classic rock band like Iron Butterfly. That sound is blended with 80’s synth pop keyboard work like something you might hear from Lover Boy and again the drums and bass have that same 80’s rock sound from a band like Twisted Sister’s album “Stay Hungry”.

The vocals are pure 21-first century reminding me of Skillet from a recording stand point–but don’t think this band sounds like anyone else. They have a sound that is all their own and my favorite things about the record are first the attention to the great melodies the band has crafted–for sure something you will end up humming or whistling all-day after your first or hundredth listen. The second jewel of this album is the lead guitar. As a professor of music at my local university and a guitar teacher and session musician I feel I can say with authority that the lead guitar is first rate and reminds me of Joe Satriani!

CKYSo, if you like heavy rock, click on over and put this one into your digital device right away! Although if you can get this release on vinyl, I think you will love it even more!

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