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David Usher

I have to say, when I sit down to listen to new music, I try to keep my expectations realistic as to not taint what I am about to hear. However, when I sat down to listen to David Usher’s new album, Let It Play, I have to be honest and say I already had a feeling that it was going to be a good listen. Having already sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.4 million albums combined between his solo career and his days with Moist, success definitely ups the expectations.

On this offering David teams up with some other Canadian artists such as Genevieve Bourne and Marie Mai to offer a little something different. Having already had #1 singles in English, French and Thai, doing things different is not something David has ever shied away from.

The album opens with :They Will Believe (In This Love)”, a song he collaborated with Alex Nevsky. The song starts with a lead into the hook by way of a simple whistle which I thought was really clever. It immediately made me a little more intrigued at what was coming next. The versus tense up the song just right as the song makes its way back to the chorus.

The album moves to a song called “We Will Be Free” with Monogrenade. This song gave me a feeling that I wanted to be on an open road driving. Truly gave me a feeling of freedom. Great guitar all the way through.

Next track “Let It Play” with Dumas has some cool musical melody going on, however didn’t really make me feel anything. I found it kind of stays in one place and never really takes off.

“No Cure” with Ingrid St-Pierre opens up with an almost lullaby piano riff. They find a way to give off a dark vibe through the lyrics while the music has this hopeful and peaceful vibe. Very nice song.

Marie Mai makes her mark on David’s Let It Play album on the track “Black Black Heart”. The fact that this song is in French gives a nice interesting feel to the song that already has a very familiar musical loop in the background.

The album rolls along with “Dream Of Flight”, which was collaborated on with Baden Baden, is another smooth and dreamy song that gives a bit of a star gazing kinda vibe, some cool musical arrangements going on as well.

Next up, “War Again”. Here is a song I immediately got into.  Bice intro with a more upbeat tempo. Good feel good versus into a fun upbeat chorus. I also like a couple of the musical breakdowns. My favorite song to this point.

“Who Knows” from Danielle Lavoie’s Qui Sait, starts with nice guitar line behind a nice soft vocal verse straight into a really good chorus. This song feels like a song of hope.  Short and sweet, it makes you want to listen over and over again.

“Nothing To Lose” with Baden Baden & Ingrid St-Pierre, is another song that gets right to point with a short verse into a chorus that Ingrid and David harmonize nicely. This song is just ok for me.

“Asleep Underwater” with Caracol immediately gave me a western/rebel vibe. I felt like it could easily be the intro to a western movie or a biker scene in a movie or TV show. Smooth song with some nice arrangements. Good listen.

“Till the Night is Gone” with Monogrenade, starts with a church organ which immediately got me interested. This is another feel good song that has a nice tempo and smooth lyrical content that makes you feel free when you listen to it. It also almost feels like a celebratory song to close out the record.

In conclusion, this was an easy listen. As I said, I expected nothing less from David. I applaud him for putting together a project like this and getting so many great minds together to make it diverse and interesting. Being a musician myself I think it is so important that celebrated artists like David, continue to release new material and keep the musical wheel truing in the right direction. Hats off Mr. Usher for a job well done.

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