George Thorogood – Party Of One

George’s blending of Chicago Blues and Rock and Roll created his own version of a high energy boogies blues which helped him sell over 15 million records worldwide over 16 studio albums, two being certified as platinum and six as gold. All of George’s success with “Bad To The Bone” and “House Rent Boogie/One bourbon.” being played on countless Tv shows, movies and commercials, George’s music is forever a part of the history of music.

George Thorogood

If traditional blues, slide guitar, harmonica, and songs about booze, late nights and women, then this album is for you. The 15-track album Party of One is George’s first solo album. Produced by Grammy award winner, Jim Gaines, back with Rounder Records, the album sounds exactly like what the title implies, a party of one. George, and his guitar in most of the tracks, there wasn’t anything that stood out or caught my attention. Another great story teller, George remains able to keep your attention close in and your toes tapping while his loose finger picking style strums and beats its way into your music bone.

At times the album sounded unfinished, like a collection of B-side tracks that didn’t make the cut for the rest of the band, but after listening to the songs a few more times, I came to realize the album is a bit deeper, in a sense of him really demonstrating what he, himself brings to the table. Not trying to fit into any category, he is playing honest music from himself.

Songs about the past and growing up, traveling across the country, lovers and wealth come and gone. There are songs such as “Wong Dong Doodle” which is an upbeat, spoken rhyme song reminiscent of “One Bourbon“ or “Tallahassee Women” a sing along song with lyrics that will get stuck in your head and “Make A Mess out Of You.” “Boogie Chillin” is another mentionable song due to its impressive fast finger picking, truly showing off his mastery over his craft.

Over all, the album is defiantly an easy listen, even if blues and old rock might not be your cup of tea, this album and George’s world-famous guitar and voice still have power.

Track Listing:
I’m A Steady Rollin Man – 2:52
Soft Spot – 1:44
Tallahassee Women – 3:10
Wang Dang Doodle – 2:42
Boogie Chillin – 3:20
No Expectations – 3:57
Bad News – 3:03
Down the Highway – 3:27
Got to Move – 3:12
Born With the Blues – 2:15
The Sky Is Crying – 4:11
The Hookers (If You Miss’Im… I Got’Im) – 3:02
Pictures From Life’s Other side – 2:48
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer – 3:31
Dynaflow Blues – 3:43

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