The Grounds – Seal the Chapter

The Grounds

“If you don’t have the material for the album, put out an EP.”

Sure than can be the strategy, but it is rare that an EP points to further potential, since bands tend to load their EP cannon with the best of their canon.

Seal the Chapter makes you want more. The writing and performance is strong throughout. Easy Come is a strong opener that sets the tone, while Blow by Blow showcases the writing of the band at work. I’m not sold on some droning in Blow by Blow, but it is otherwise solid.

Figured Out brings forward the idea of song selection with the band, and you can see their marketing a bit in the running order.

However, when you’ve got a five or six song EP, there is no point in putting on (or out) five or six of the same songs. There are no clones in this release, the song selections are all over the map so to speak, however they remain completely within the established footprint of sound and wheelhouse of the band.

That is what an EP is supposed to do, isn’t it? An acoustic version of this song further strips the song away and keep it without any of production’s bells and whistles.

Phantom brings a rockier edge to the show, perhaps with 80s echoes of the Hulkamania theme. Water Wings is a classic closer – that like the EP itself – grows on you with each listen.

Whether they are closing a chapter or starting a new one, Seal the Chapter seals the musical deal on the band. Give it a listen.


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