King Dylan – Looking for the Sun

King Dylan - Looking For The SunCalgary’s own King Dylan offers up His album Looking for the Sun, a positive, upbeat collection of songs with some interesting tempo shifts, and melodic changes.

From opening song, “Queen”, a good album opener with good musical arrangements. Including the opening piano riff, that is something out of a Halloween movie but proves to be a mainstay in the song.

The album moves along into “Forever Is a Lie”. Another song with very good music arrangement and Linkin Park style verses in to a very clear straight forward message in the chorus. Slightly lacking a touch of metaphor but he makes it work.

The third song “Blind Man” is a slight left turn on this album. It has a folkie, happy-go-lucky beat with lyrics that are slightly frustrated and confused. The song is well put together with a strong message, I’m just not sure if it is placed properly on the album.

The album gets back on track with “Insignificant”. The song I consider the ballad of the record. Verses very busy lyrically, however offer up some good tension leading in to another chorus with a nice tempo, music and clear lyrical message.

The Album closer “Nothing Comes Free” is the song with the most interesting tempo changes and lyrical diversity; from an almost Eminem rap, to a Beach Boys scream, over top of a reggae guitar shuffle. Very gutsy mix of arrangement.

In conclusion, I enjoyed listening to this collection of songs. With shades of Eminem, Linkin Park, and at times Simple Plan. When you think of how hard it could be to put those 3 artists in a blender and have something come out, King Dylan does a nice job while having his own style.

Only critique is song placement and at a moment or two lack of lyrical metaphor.  Aside from that, a good listen!

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