ONE: All Or Nothing

All Or Nothing
Release Date: April 2018


There are those who believe Rock is dead – as radio today is dominated by cookie-cutter, EDM infused, barf. Yep…Some days, it’s more difficult to concede the point than others. When Classic Rock gets more attention from guys behind my local mics, than the new, I wonder— when did we give up the Rock Gods? But, perhaps we didn’t give them up. Perhaps they’re simply gods with a small “g”, lying in wait on the internet and at the club for their shot to grow.


If you’re a lost soul and you miss the power ballad . . . If you miss the sweet rock stylings of Post-Grunge. . . If you still fight for tickets to your favorite Rockers, because you don’t want to admit you picked up the Groupon a week before the show . . . Then I’ve got your next fix of guitar driven soundscapes all lined up. Canada’s ONE have just dropped All or Nothing and it’s a scorcher!

Put simply; from the opening track “Clawing at my Insides” (a melodically hard scream into the darkness of life) All or Nothing grabs its listeners by the neck and throws them around like a rag-doll from the top to the bottom of its track list. With almost sentimental commentaries like “Annie” and the aching chorus of “What Are We Fighting For” (my solo Carpool Karaoke song of the week) One yanks at the heart-strings just enough, before dropping us back into the coolly fractured chords on tracks like “Seventh Son” and Down to the Wire”.

So, here’s my take; rating systems are over-used and only validate something to the reviewer. I mean, what separates a 4.5 and a 4.8 out of five? But, devoid of a scale, what’s left? Well, if Motley Crue and Staind had a baby, ONE would make them proud parents with this most recent offering.

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