Seether – Poison the Parish

Seether - Poison the Parish

As hard as it can be to stay at the top after being one of the hardest hitting bands in the World for years, Seether just keeps on banging out great songs and albums. Their most recent offering Poison the Parish  rocks in true Seether fashion. This album however, seems to have a much darker feel to it, that being said it doesn’t stray too far off the path.

The opening track, “Stroke the Fire” has a dark riff and feel to it. The verse melodies follow suit into a very angry chorus. Good track and well put together, not unusual for Seether. Next up, “Betray and Degrade” gets back to a sound and feel we are more a custom to hearing from the band. A cool vocal/guitar intro and opens up into a cool rock track with a nice big chorus. “Something Else” stays in the same vein, nice heavy opening into cooler versus with a nice clean guitar tone. From this listener’s point of view, it feels like there is a different sort of vulnerability in Shaun Morgan’s voice that I have never identified before, that very much suits this track. The next tune  “I’ll Survive” starts off smooth with some nice back beat and verse melodies, the chorus is another Seether chorus that just doesn’t disappoint, however a little further into the song, there is a weird guitar solo that I feel weakens the track and maybe could have been left out.

Their first single, “Let You Down” has a nice heavy rock riff that hooks you from the start…in Seether like style they get right to it, and before you know it, you are already singing along to the chorus. This is the song that every Seether album seems to have, that song with the feel of HIT right out of the gate. Good tune!

“Against the Wall” is a slow emotional track that again reveals a nice vulnerability in Shaun’s voice that’s refreshing and makes something more out of a track like this. Nice lyrics and well put together. Next up “Let Me Heal” is a track that didn’t hook me, not to say it doesn’t have some good moments and harmonies, just a little weird for me.

The song “Saviors” gets back to down and dirty Riff Rock we love about Seether.  Some nice angry lyrics, into a straight forward badass chorus. Good in and out tune. Next up, “Nothing Left” has a heavy riff over a different kind of back beat that is a little strange for me, albeit kinda clever. The chorus was also a little strange for me. Not really what we come to expect from Seether until the bridge comes in which is a little too late to make a familiar impact. Not a huge fan of this song.

“Count Me Out” has a nice guitar tone behind the verses into and heavier chorus with a different kind of harmony that brings back that dark and creepy feel I was referring to. Like I said it’s not so far away from the Seether sound to be weird, it’s just different and takes a couple of listens to get into. “Emotionless” is up next with slower groove and some nice rich clean guitars. This chorus is another example of that vulnerability in his voice, only on a heavier rock track. I really like the verses on the track.

Last song on the album is “Sell My Soul”. The guitar melodies have a country feel to them in the opening goes into versus with nice lyrics. It always seems to get back to a country like feeling with a smooth flowing chorus and Melody. It actually feels like a send off track. Nice touch to finish the album.

I really enjoyed listening to this album. Seether has always been a band that impresses me with every release. They have a way of trying things and staying interesting while doing so. They have a signature sound that just comes and gets you. Again I will say how hard it is to stay interesting and relevant in this business that usually only gives you 15 minutes if you are lucky. Seether manages to stay relevant and on top. This album will only help them stay there.

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