SilentPanic – The Red Pill

SilentPanic - The Red PillA Breath Of Fresh Air! Three words came to mind the instant I heard the first beat from SilentPanic’s five track EP The Red Pill, an experimental Indie rock band hailing from Alberta, Canada.

Turn it up … was all I could think, all I could do, I was immediately taken with their throw back sound of the 90’s, keeping to true rock form, SilentPanic seems to stem directly from bands like Creed, The Tea Party, and Finger Eleven with their prominent guitars and loud drums.

“Gone” is a refreshing glimpse into what this band has to offer as artists; the mix of influences and creativity makes this a great song to chill out to and start your experience as a fan.

“Hand Me Down” is nothing short of a brilliant blend of lyrics and melody; if you’re a fan of Finger Eleven you will love this song as much as I do, from the power of the drums to the raging guitars “Hand Me Down” is pure rawk….!

“White Rabbit” keeps to tradition with its surreal vibe; Ty Marshall Deer is amazing in this cover of “White Rabbit” from Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 album, surrealistic pillow.

“Greatest Fear” is simply an awesome song, the progression of Ty’s voice throughout the song and the rhythm of the drums, there’s nothing to do but get into it .. the more I listened to “Greatest Fear” the more I loved it.

“Red Fish” – the break down at 3 ½ minutes in shows the bands range for diversity, though it’s still only a demo, “Red Fish” is destined to be an album favourite.

Though they are far from being Canada’s next greatest band, the potential for some great and memorable music definitely has a solid foundation. With songs like “Gone”, “Greatest Fear”, and their cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” – they should no doubt be able to solidify a loyal fan base, and in an age of reproductions, remakes and force fed pop music, SilentPanic should be a welcome breath of fresh air.

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