The Maxwells – Heart Attack

Maxwells Album ArtworkThe first thing that comes to mind when I think of The Maxwells is RAW. From the minute you hit play to the end of their debut offering, Heart Attack, there is a sense of bare bones creativity you don’t often hear on a first album.

The album opens with the title track “Heart Attack”. The song starts with a cool little guitar opener and some cool tempo and dynamics that get you to the easy listening rocking chorus. Pretty good start to the album. Next up is their first release “Give your Love Away”. Another guitar driven straight ahead rocker, straight to the point with a good tempo that makes wanna put your hands in the air and move your ass. A tune that sounds original and familiar all at the same time.

The band still doesn’t let up on the third track “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone Tonight”. Another good tempo track that gets you tapping your foot, interesting drum work throughout the song that seems to make the song move around while holding it together. They finally slow it down a little with “Superglue”. This is an example of that creativity I was referring to that is not what you’re expecting from a sophomore album; very nice natural dynamics and good vocal performance. Next track “Room 101” is another slow one. This seems like this is a track that is really telling a story of love lost. I was not a huge fan of where this track took me in the listening experience. Could be where the song is in the track listing.

“The Huh Song” is another barebones rocker that gets straight to the point that’s in and out before your know what hit you. “Questions of a Puppeteer” has cool reckless vibe to it. It is another example of a song you feel that in a good way, you have heard already but you really haven’t. “We Need To Talk” has an undeniable Oasis vibe to it. A very reckless and attractive intro that has you definitely dialed into the song. Some nice guitar work in this tune.

“Fire” has got a feel good pop vibe to it. This is the kinda song that you can usually find in the outro of an American Pie type movie. The album ends with “Illusions”. Another ballad with some nice soothing acoustic guitar work and arrangements behind a very nice vocal performance in the intro, until the song picks up and gets anthem-esque and brings it home to wrap it all up.

Overall I enjoy what this band offers up. They have a reckless vibe to them. You definitely get the feeling that they write what comes natural, not to impress anyone. Which in turn is very impressive. For a first album they did a great job. Some nice melodies, cool musical arrangements, and good overall performances. Having seen them live as well, I am impressed. I will definitely be interested in seeing what these guys offer up next.

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