Aftershock 2016

Aftershock Festival 2016
Sacramento, CA

Photos and Review courtesy of Frankie James

It’s been said that one of the greatest joys in life to experience, are music festivals.  They come in all sizes, demographics and demands.  There’s a music festival for everyone on this planet, and every person alive, will at least once experience this phenom either in person, or at least on TV.  It’s become part of our cultural society and brings on social appetites to satisfy our musical fantasies … A musical palate for our ears so to speak.

As a contributing writer / photographer, I find myself on a never ending search of greatness in music festivals.  Hoping one will top the other which doesn’t happen too often … Of course that depends on the alcohol consumption and extra curricular activities many of the concert goers partake in.  Then every concert is an experience. However for the purest like me, (OK I lied because I do indulge in alcohol) I’m there more for the sheer talent and social aspect and not necessarily for the big huge party <— possibly another lie? HA!

But every once in awhile, and in my humble opinion, a concert festival lineup of awesomeness becomes public and creates a frenzy.  This year it happened!!!

The 2016 Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California would have this kind of two day line-up that would cause a sellout quickly, and it did.  Headliners such as Tool & Avenged Sevenfold hit the stage as well other forged names in rock / metal like Disturbed, Korn, Primus, Anthrax, Slayer, The Pretty Reckless, Zak Wilde and so much more ear candy to name.  The bottom line is there was a smorgasbord of rock to choose from on any of the 3 stages.  The event itself broke ground with a very cool layout of the grounds.  Such a layout that one could wander endlessly to enjoy crafts, food and interactive activities and of course all the booze you can possibly find.

So I was there to capture it all … pretty much in all it’s glory. Tool as always was amazing, Disturbed with their dominating force and Korn with their stage presentation, and to me one of the best shows of the two days.  At the end the 30,000 plus people on each day proved to be stellar and from my vantage point, the crowd was intense, loyal and in some cases fierce as when Slayer hit the stage.  Fans pushed forward and crushed against barriers, handicapped fans crowd surfing and a sea of horns shaped by fingers on the top of just about every pair of arms watching.  A true sight indeed … And one that I’ll never forget.

The surprises for me?  Avatar and The Pretty Reckless


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