Billy Talent @ Shaw Conference Centre

Shaw Conference Centre
Edmonton, Alberta
March 22, 2013
Photos: Bobby Gunderson

Let me just start by saying Billy Talent – STILL ONE OF THE BEST BANDS I HAVE EVER SEEN LIVE!!! And Hollerado opening for them was perfect.  An all Canadian bill. Hollerado, heard of them? No? Where have you been? Under a rock?

Heard of them? Good for you, it just means you know good music. One of Canada’s upcoming Indie bands. Their newest album White Paint is out, I suggest you snag yourself a copy it’s a great listen.

On to Sum 41, look. I’m not a huge fan to begin with so before you lead me to slaughter hear me out.

They did okay, and I mean okay. It wasn’t the greatest performance, it was simply okay. They are getting older and well, let’s face it lacking the energy they once had.

Billy Talent bar none is one of the Best bands to see live, their performance full of life. Age obviously not an issue with these guys, or maybe it’s because they still have the heart and drive required to keep going.

Ben rocks the crowd, hitting us like a tidal wave. His unique voice so distinct, so unmistakable, unduplicatable. The crowd loving every minute of it, moshing, singing, screaming along. A wave of people pushes forward seeking to breath the same air, say they were there.

It was amazing and mind blowing and spine tingling. If you ever have the chance to see Hollerado or Billy Talent once I say do it, it won’t be your last, I promise.

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  1. says: Angela Irvine

    I live in Edmonton, AB, Canada and have loved Billy Talent for 8yrs now. I know they’ve been alive since 1998 but had only heard of them in 2011. I had had a bad accident and in hospital for 3yrs so never knew of them until a boyfriend told me of them! I think Rusted From the Rain was the first time i had seen a video of theirs and fell in love with Ben. I’ve seen every concert of theirs here since 2012 and enjoyed them very much! Always with the hope of meeting Ben but no such luck! I’ll probably be 50 if I ever do meet him? Oh well, I keep trying. Anyhoo, they are a great performing band!

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