Oleander @ 98Rock Presents First Fest Music Festival

98Rock Presents First Festival
May6, 2017
Sacramento, CA

Photos and Review courtesy of Frankie James

Oleander … What can I say?  The name simply brings back memories of catchy post grunge tunes that stuck inside your brain.  Ya know the kind that has you hum it like all freakin’ day long …  A subliminal message that bands wished they could do = huge success.  Back then, (damn this makes us sound old) Oleander could also be heard on the TV Series Dawson Creek as well blockbuster movies such as American Pie, Spiderman, Scary Movie and Showtime film Bang Bang, You’re Dead.  So yeah, they’ve accomplished more than most bands have only dreamed of.  And so a story of popularity unfolds an hits were made, including a hiatus where not to far down the line, Oleander happened again.  There’s a lot going on here so we’ll jump to present day where this rockin’ band performs at Sacramento’s own annual “98Rock Presents First Fest Music Festival” headlining the Saturday to a nice sized crowd performing hits Why I’m Here and I Walk Alone.  Oleander’s stage presence, sound and head shaking beats had this crowd frenzied and screaming after each song. A pretty kick ass site to see from the stage, which was also my vantage point shooting for the band!!

In closing, Oleander proved, as well demonstrated their longevity that can hold it all together after all these years!!  A band to see if they ever stop at a venue near you.

Authored by Frankie James “Anyone Got Ear Plugs”?


98Rock – Sacramento




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