QUEENSRYCHE @ The Rockbar Theatre


January 7, 2016
Rockbar Theatre
SAN JOSE, California
Photos & Review by Frankie James (Sun Stroke Photography)


The line? About six people thick and probably 500 feet or longer.  Yeah, this will sell out tonight and although I’ve witnessed the QueensRyche phenomena several times before … never once to cover them in a featured article. So in my humble opinion, it’s different seeing a band you love than being there to review them.  My senses change and come alive because now I’m writing about one of my favorite bands growing up.  Here’s my experience:

It was revealed to the public on April 28, 2014 that Queensrÿche officially announced Todd La Torre as the new lead singer of Queensrÿche.  Needless to say I was excited as to what changes were in store. After all, I was aware of his vocal capabilities; I was a fan of his while during his reign as front man with Crimson Glory.

The stage was set up meticulously with lots of thought into minimalism which made lots of room to roam.  As the anticipated performance started, patterns of their logo and scenes of Gothic images displayed on the two massive LED screens flanked on each side of Rocenfield’s drum riser. Opening up with “Guardian” from their 2015 album Condition Human, the band displays familiarity reminiscent and typical of QueensRyche fashion, a pleasant tone for my ears.  La Torre’s soaring vocal range seemed a perfect fit and I was then jacked for the rest.  Continuing with songs off their Empire album (what their mostly known for) brought the audience from somewhat unsure, to the screaming loyalist they’re used to.  Wilton, Rockenfield, and Jackson, the main core maintained true to what they’ve always been while Parker Lundgren proves he still belongs.  All in all at the end of the day the show was nothing short of amazing and La Torre ended up being a sweet asset to QueensRyche.

In this article I’ll feature the RockBar Theater as well.  Situated in San Jose, California, the RockBar boasts the feel of a true rock club with vignettes of memorabilia, seating, several party rooms and a few bars … The perfect formula in creating what a music venue should be.

The ambiance and culture leaves you feeling like you’ve been a VIP once you’ve left the concert.  The sound system has the “Umph” … enough to make your chest pump with bass attacks along with mellow tonal mids and crispy highs, a well thought out array of Bad-Assness!!  The lighting is typical of most current clubs using trusses of LED lights along with movers and strobes overall complimenting any band that comes touring through.  The staff was great and “Informed”, yes I say informed because I’ve been at too many venues where the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing.  Soooo, whether in town or from another state or country, if your favorite band is making an appearance at the RockBar Theater in San Jose … Get your tickets they won’t disappoint.



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