Rise Against @ Grey Eagle Event Centre

Rise Against
w/ Pierce The Veil & White Lung
Grey Eagle Event Centre
Calgary, AB
September 16, 2017

Photos courtesy of J. Dirom Photography

Chicago’s Rise Against “Wolves” tour, in support of the band’s latest release by the same name, hit Calgary, Alberta’s Grey Eagle Event Centre last Saturday to a sold out crowd.

Starting the evening off was White Lung, with a 30-minuite set. Though the crowd was still filling in, the Vancouver, BC trio drew people to the stage with their alt/punk rock sound.

Next up was four guys from San Diego, California called Pierce The Veil. An obviously dedicated and hardworking band, they’ve been on the road constantly since the release of their latest album, Misadventures last year. They played a high energy 45-minute set, stating they have one job, and one job only .. “to get you revved up for Rise Against”. And that’s exactly what they did!

Finally, it was time for the main event. Opening a 90-minute set with the 2008 release, “Long Forgotten Sons” Rise Against frontman, Tim McIlrath’s crying vocals were in fine form.

With drummer, Brandon Barnes flanked by screens depicting images of war and unrest, their setlist consisted of tracks from their vast musical library, thanks to a total of eight studio albums.

Dedicating the 2006 song, “Survive” to “Chris and Chester, and all the survivors” McIlrath almost brought a little tear to my eye, as my mind drifted to thoughts of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennigton, both gone far too soon.

At one point, Joe Principe, Brandon Barnes and Zach Blair left the stage, leaving McIlrath alone at center stage, acoustic guitar slung on his shoulder. As the first notes of “Swing Life Away” began, the crowd joined in, with lighters held high. What followed was a very touching sing-a-long with McIlrath and several hundred fans singing in unison.  Next came “Hero Of War” – a song that always makes one think (which is what it’s designed to do). Half way through, Principe, Branes and Blair rejoined McIlrath on stage to close out the song.

Then it was time to get back to the pounding rock Rise Against is known for, with the remainder of the night consisting of more songs of change and activism, and conscience enlightenment.

This is my second time seeing Rise Against live, and they have yet to disappoint. Their music is thoughtful, powerful and inspiring.




Long Forgotten Sons
Give It All
The Violence
Re-Education (Through Labor)
Dancing for Rain
The Good Left Undone
Chamber the Cartridge
House on Fire
Prayer of the Refugee
Swing Life Away
Hero of War
Help Is on the Way
Make It Stop (September’s Children)


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