Volbeat & Killswitch Engage @ Grey Eagle Event Centre

Volbeat w/ Killswitch Engage
August 30, 2016
Grey Eagle Event Centre
Calgary, AB, Canada
Photos and review courtesy of J. Dirom Photography

When you are early for a show, and you can’t find parking, you know that the crowd is excited for the night. This was the case with Volbeat and openers, Killswitch Engage.

Killswitch engage, a Massachusetts metalcore band, kick the show immediately into overdrive.  With horns in the air several people sang along as the crowd pushed into the barrier, and crowd surfers almost immediately started coming over the barrier as the band lead in with “My Curse”, “Strength of the Mind”, and “Beyond the Flames”. Lead singer, Jesse’s voice was solid, and he world reach forward to shake the hands of those whom made it over the barrier. Bassist, Mike D’Antonio, was a fury of sweat (which ultimately caused some weird light flairs as it splashed my camera lens), and hair often pushing to the front of the stage, leaning towards the crowd as he thrashed.

Before moving into “Rose of Sharyn”, “Alone I Stand”, and “Absolution”, guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz addressed the crowd. “Who came here to drink beer? Who came here to listen to Metal,” he screamed, “Let’s get the mosh pit going right now.” The crowd obliged.

The remainder of the set include “Hate by Design”, “Always”, “Serenade”, “Heartache”, “Holy Diver”, and “In Due Time” .

Killswitch engage lit a fire in the crowd, giving Volbeat an amped up crowd that would ultimately loose its mind. Chants of “Volbeat” rang throughout the Grey Eagle Events Centre, as the crowd was fully amped to see the Danish band, with their unique brand of metal. The light show started along with intro music. When Volbeat took the stage, they all faced the drummer Jon Larsen with their backs to the crowd, and then immediately jumped in “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown”, the single that is currently played in heavy rotation on Canadian radio. The crowd fed off the energy on the stage working them into a frenzy, as a smoked filled venue was treated to a rapidly changing light show, featuring bright white strobes.

Volbeat continued it’s set with “Sad Man’s Tounge”, “Lola Montez”, and the “Gates of Babylon.”

Michael Poulsen vocally was flawless, and if there is one thing you could say about Volbeat, is that you can tell they love what they do. They appreciate their fans, which included bringing kids up on stage as band played. You could see the absolute delight on their faces as guitarist Rob Caggiano ripped on guitar.

The set was rounded out with “Dead but Rising”, “16 Dollars”, “For Evigt”, “Goat” , “Maybellene” ,  “Goodbye Forever”, “Mirror” . With “Black Rose”, Doc Holiday”, “Seal the Deal”, and “Still Counting” for the encore.

A high energy night of metal.

A lineup that is well worth taking in.



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