Stone Sour: More Than Just A Corey Taylor, Slipknot Rock Spin Off

In a world where Rock music is not everyone’s go-to genre, Stone Sour has managed to stay a household name.  At first glance, you would automatically assume that the only reason that the band ever made it is because Corey Taylor is the front man and Jim Root spent some time as the guitarist. But, when you really begin to understand the essence of band and their music, you quickly realize that the band and the songs they have put out stand on their own without having to mention Slipknot. The band remains unpredictable with the music they release at the same time predictable with the quality of music they put out.

Stone Sour

With every album and tour, they add to their legacy, as well as stay one of Rock’s mainstay bands. Josh Rand, longtime rhythm guitarist, has always stated that he brings an element of Metal to the songs, took the time to talk about the band’s upcoming album Hydrograd.

Chris: So, Josh, congrats on the new album. ell me, how excited are you about this one? Are there any tracks in particular that stand out for you?

Josh: Thank you. We are actually excited about this whole album. We have been away for a while, so to get back to it feels pretty good. Every record we try to expand on what we have done before, new musical direction. I feel that this record is the most diverse record we have done to date. It’s almost like have a great playlist of songs. We are stoked to get back at it and for people to hear this record.

Chris: I have always wondered how you guys to hold it all together, seeing that your lead singer has a significant other project. How do you guys stay motivated inspired and keep it all going?

Josh: Wow…that’s kind of a lot to answer, so I will do my best. First of the five of us going in now, I will touch on this record. The five of us just have so much fun doing it. This record we went old school, all of us in one big room jammin’. We recorded 19 songs in literally less than a month.  We actually slept over in the studio we booked out, we did so much extra stuff including cover songs, acoustic versions of new songs. We shot videos within the studio. Best of all, we laughed every day while doing it all. We are just a bunch of dorks I guess. We just really enjoyed the process of this record. As far as being able to keep it going this long, I think it comes down to the fact that we are unpredictable. We can’t predict what we are gonna do. We never know what the next album is gonna sound like or when it will be. That’s what keeps it exciting. Continuously trying different things musically and surprising people as well. As far as Corey having his hands in so many different projects, Slipknot being the obvious one, he also writes books, he does his own radio thing and been in movies. In the beginning, you have thoughts like ‘hey this sucks’, but after the years, you come to appreciate the time away from each other. After being on the road for several months, practically living with the guys in the band, you come to enjoy the separation. We still talk all the time, but the time apart is probably another reason we have been around for as long as we have.

Stone Sour

Chris: What about you personally, what inspires you to write what you bring to the songs?

Josh: What I bring is more music based and not lyrics. So, I see it as scoring almost. I draw inspiration from Images and saying to myself how would this sound? What was inspiring me going into Hydrograd is 60’s and 70’s music. When I was a kid, the Beatles were my parent’s music, I didn’t listen to that. Now I listen to Beatles records and Bee Gees records and its mind blowing to me what they created in that era. So that is what we did, just got into a room and jammed. Felt really good.

Chris: So, what’s next for Stone Sour?

Josh: Well, we are actually doing some shows with Korn. Then we will be all over the place for the next several months. Some shows here at home, then Australia, Japan, then back to the U.S., then to Russia…kind of all over the map

Chris: What about some Canadian shows?

Josh: Yeah I mean sure. I guess we’ll see. We don’t really get up there that much. I think Toronto is the only place we have ever played up there. Who knows, hopefully we can get a Canadian tour going.

Chris: Josh I really appreciate you taking the time to shine a little more light on Stone Sour, and the new album. Keep kickin’ it out there.

Josh: No problem, Thanks

In conclusion, the attitude and approach that Stone Sour has to making albums and touring are just another reason why Rock N’ Roll is still as strong as it is, especially on the touring front. Great attitude, great approach and great music make for a great band. There is way more to this band than just a Corey Taylor, Slipknot rock spin off.


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